A Champs

A Champs is Saturday, July 27th at Crestmont Pool - Hosted by Glenside

We are looking forward to a great meet tomorrow!

A Champs: Warm Up Times

6:45-7:15: Lanes 1-6 Crestmont
7:15-7:40: Lanes 1-4 Flourtown Country Club    Lanes 5-6 Hatboro
7:40-8:05: Lanes 2-3 Glenside                            Lanes 4-5 Penbryn
8:05-8:30: Lanes 2-3 Conklin                              Lanes 4-5 Flourtown Swim Club
7:40-8:30: Lanes 1 and 6 will be for Circle Swimming ONLY!!

Click here for the meet program.


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