The purpose of this league is to teach and develop the art of swimming accompanied by good sportsmanship and fellowship to those participating.


Section 1 – The league is to be governed by a board, composed of one coach and one representative from each club. Each club will have two votes.

Section 2 – A majority of the voting representatives present will be considered a quorum for league meetings.

Section 3 – By majority vote, as the league, they are empowered to:

  1. Admit new teams.
  2. Elect new officers.
  3. Appoint committees.
  4. Pass any by laws necessary to govern the league.
  5. Discipline, suspend or expel an existing team. (amended 5/27/04)

Section 4 – At the first meeting of the season, the board will elect a President, Vice President, and Treasurer to serve a one-year term in office. A coach or owner may not hold an elected office.

Section 5 – Duties of the President:

  1. To call and preside over meetings.
  2. Vote only to break a tie.
  3. Call meetings of a committee to resolve protests:
  4. Protests must be submitted within 24 hours of the meet to the

President in WRITING.

  1. The protest committee is to consist of one representative from each

neutral club.

  1. To schedule aquatic meets.
  2. To record and verify league results.
  3. To be “meet” director of League Championships.

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            Section 6 – Duties of the Vice President:

  1. Preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.
  2. Aid in the setting and running of the championship meet.
  3. To be “meet” director of the “B” championship.

Section 7 – Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Receive all entrance fees, dues and other assessments.
  2. Make all expenditures authorized by the league.
  3. Keep the financial records.
  4. Report at each meeting of the league – receipts, expenditures, and balance

on hand.

  1. Provide a bill for the annual league dues.
  2. Prepare a budget for each season.


Section 1 – The competitor must be an amateur and have a membership at his/her respective club.

Section 2 – A swimmer who competes in more than 1 summer league MUST swim unofficial for Liberty Swim League and is not eligible for champs. This excludes diving competitively. (amended 5/29/13) (Townships who register both pools cannot interchange swimmers). All swimmers must have a pass to the pool they are swimming for (amended 6/12/97). Pool staff members, with the exception of swim team coaches, are eligible to swim for their pool’s team. (amended 6-06).

Section 3 – An official competitor may not be a coach or an assistant coach of the club.

Section 4 – To be eligible to swim in the “A” and “B” championships, swimmers must swim in at least TWO dual meets. All times except DQ will count for seeding in Champs. In the event a swimmer attends a meet in which their scheduled swim is cancelled due to darkness or bad weather, the cancelled swim may be counted towards their championship eligibility. (amended 6-06).

Section 5 – Violation of the eligibility rules will result in the forfeiture by the violating team of those meets involving the violation, and the suspension of the swimmer for the remainder of the season.



Section 1 – All rules for competitive swimming shall be taken from the U.S. Swimming rulebook unless otherwise specified in this constitution. At the Spring meeting each team will receive a copy of the league constitution and a copy of the current U.S. Swimming Rules. It will be the responsibility of each home team to have these rules on the table at each meet.

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Section 2A competitor may enter only three individual events and one relay in a dual meet, and two individuals and two relays, one medley and one freestyle relay(AMENDED 8/1/18) as determined by the end of the seed meeting in the “A” Championships. Championship entries will be due NO LATER than 6:00 P.M. on the Saturday before the seeding meeting. (Amended 5/2014).

  1. Each team may enter one relay in each group in the league champs. There will

be no qualifying for the relay, and a swimmer may swim the relay in addition to

his two events. A swimmer may swim up one age group as long as he competes in    

only one relay. All relay swimmers must meet the standard requirements for

entry in championships.

  1. Seeding time for the “A” and “B” championships will be submitted by the coaches.
  1. As a result of official seeding times compiled from the dual meets, swimmers will

be designated for either “A” or “B” championships.


          Section 3 – In dual competitions, all lanes are official flat races; however, a team cannot

sweep all points in an event. Each team may enter only one official relay for each age



Section 4 – If a meet is interrupted for any reason, it will be resumed with the next scheduled event.


Section 5All line ups must be presented to the scoring table 30) minutes prior to the scheduled beginning of the meet.


Section 6If changes are made, they are to be in writing a minimum of two events prior to the event being changed.


Section 7 – Starting blocks (preferably those meeting the requirements of the U.S. Swimming Handbook) may be used at the option of the home team.

Section 8 – In L, Z, or T shaped pools, the host team must provide suitable outside lines to insure against a competitor from swimming into exposed corners formed by the L. Z or T. In cases where this is not met, the host team is required to provide a safety at the exposed corners. The safety should be a lifeguard or responsible parent.

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*Home teams are assigned lanes 1, 3, and 5; visiting teams are assigned lanes 2, 4, and 6.


Section 9The President of the league, coaches and parent reps must receive initial roster lists no later than the Monday before the first swim meet. (amended 5-08). Cut off date to officially be on the roster within 24 hours before the third meet. All additions after the 3rd league meet will be able to swim unofficial and be Ineligible to swim League Championships(Amened 8/1/18). All staff swimmers must be on the initial roster (amended 6/12/97). A copy must also be sent to the league president and all coaches in this time frame. The roster lists are to include swimmer’s full name and age as of June 1.(amended 5-08)   All swimmers’ pool memberships must be available to be verified by the league president when needed. (amended 5/31/05)

Section 10 – Backstroke flags must be supplied by the home team at all dual meets and championships to insure the safety of all swimmers in accordance with U.S. Swimming Rules.


Section 11 – No persons other than officials, coaches and swimmers participating in the scheduled events shall be permitted in the area around the starting blocks. The starter/referee shall have the authority to halt a meet until the above is adhered to.         (amended 5/30/02)


Section 12 – False starts will be recalled with the false start being charged to the swimmer(s). A swimmer is permitted one false start. (amended 5/30/02)


Section 13 – No officials may swim (compete) in a meet in which they are officiating.

Section 14 – A and B Champs – all teams shall share equally the responsibility of coordinating these events.


Section 15 – Bake Sales – Due to laws governing depths of pools for diving, Flourtown Country Club (FCC) Pool is not to be used for home meets. The schedule has been set up to reflect the change. It will be customary to schedule “Home Meets” for FCC at other pool locations. The host location may not sell their own baked goods until after the meet is completed.

Section 16 – Fifty percent of the money raised during the championship meets (i.e. refreshment tables, 50/50 drawings, etc.), shall be the property of the Liberty Swim League and fifty percent will go to the host team. “A” and “B” championship meets are cooperative activities by and for the benefit of all swimmers of all pools in the league. All teams are expected to provide the parent volunteers needed to run the meet. Profits from these sales help to defray the cost of the medals, trophies and ribbons. (amended 7-08)

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Section 17 – Scoring for both “A” and “B” champs will be done according to U.S. Swim Rules. This states that the winning place achieved by the swimmer will be based on time with the place judges’ result to be used to settle any time discrepancy.

Section 18 – In bad weather, all unofficial heats will be cancelled first, then the relays, and then the whole meet.   Also, in darkness, all unofficial heats will be cancelled (amended and added 6/11/98). All delays and cancellations will be determined by the host pool manager. Any meet that is cancelled will be made up on the official make-up day on the last Saturday of the season before league championships. Any other cancelled meets will not be rescheduled. (amended 5/31/05)

Both A and B Championships will have rain dates on the following day:

B Champs rain date – Thursday 6:30 PM (warm-ups start at 5:30 PM)

A Champs rain date – Sunday 8:30 AM (warm-us start at 7:30 AM)

(amended 7-09)

Section 19 – All timers must be at least 18 years of age.

Section 20– Possession or sale of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any Liberty League event(amended 8/5/15).



Section 1 – The age groups for dual) meets are as follows:

6 years and under- Freestyle(8/14) and Backstroke(5/16)

8 years and under

10 years and under

12 years and under

14 years and under


Section 2 – The swimmers age as of June 1st (amended 5-08) will determine their age for the corresponding season.

Section 3 – The age group for LSL Championship Individual Events are as follows:

6 years and under- Freestyle(8/14) and Backstroke(5/16)

8 years and under               13 –14 year olds

9 – 10 year olds                   Unlimited (amended 5-08)

11 – 12 year olds

  1. – swimmers may swim up as part of a relay. (amended 5/31/05)
  2. A swimmer, following their SENIOR year of High School will only be eligible for the Unlimited Age Group for the “A” Championships. (Amended 5/2015)

Alternates for champs…The top two seeded swimmers in B Champs for each event will serve as alternates for A Champs in the event that an A Champ swimmer is unable to participate. Those

swimmers will swim in B Champs and will replace any scratched swimmer in A Champs in that slot. A Champ events will not be reseeded. (amended 8/10)

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Section 1 – The events will be for boys and girls as follows:

EVENT                     AGE GROUPS                                 LENGTH

6 and under (5/2016)                  25 yards or 1 lap

Backstroke               8 and under                                      25 yards or 1 lap

10 and under                                   25 yards or 1 lap

12 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

14 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

Unlimited                                         50 yards or 2 laps

Breaststroke            8 and under                                      25 yards or 1 lap

10 and under                                   25 yards or 1 lap

12 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

14 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

Unlimited                                         50 yards or 2 laps

Butterfly                   8 and under                                      25 yards or 1 lap

10 and under                                   25 yards or 1 lap

12 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

14 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

Unlimited                                         50 yards or 2 laps

6 and under(8/2014)                    25 yards or 1 lap

Freestyle                   8 and under                                      25 yards or 1 lap

10 and under                                   25 yards or 1 lap

12 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

14 and under                                   50 yards or 2 laps

Unlimited                                    100 yards or 4 laps

6 and under mixed                       100 yards or 4 laps

Free Relay                8 and under                                      100 yards or 4 laps

10 and under                                   100 yards or 4 laps

12 and under                                   200 yards or 8 laps

14 and under                                   200 yards or 8 laps

Unlimited                                         200 yards or 8 laps

Total Number of events – 55

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Section 2 – Sequence of events shall be as follows:

  1. The first event will be the 8 and under backstroke, followed by the breast-stroke, butterfly, freestyle and relays. Alternating girls and boys.(amended 5/30/02 and 5/16).
  1. 1 official, 3 unofficial for freestyle;1 official, 2 unofficial for all other events

these should be combined when necessary for safety reasons. (amended 6/11/98)

*additional heats may be added to an event, no later than 8:00 PM on the night                                            prior to the meet, by mutual agreement of coaches from both teams.
(amended 5-08)


Section 3 – Dual meets scoring: 5 – 3 – 1 for individual events

7 – relay first place

0 – relay second place

          Section 4 – Required officials:

HOME                                                                   VISITING

1 starter/referee                   9 timers                                             9 timers

1 scorekeeper                       1 announcer                                     1 scorekeeper

1 place judge                     *2 stroke & turn judges                  1 place judge

1 head timer                         2 runners                                         *2 stroke & turn judges

(*amended 5/30/02)                                  **2 runners                                                                                                                                                              (amended 6-07)

  1. All officials should report to a designated place when called by the

the announcer.

  1. Starter/referee may not belong to the pool staff.
  1. Place judge – shall determine and record the order of finish for each race.
  1. Stroke and turn judge – shall judge strokes and turns, immediately raise

their hand (if infraction occurs) and at the conclusion of the event notify

the referee, runner or place judge of the disqualification in writing.

(amended 5/30/02)

  1. If 4 (four) stroke & turn judges not available, then 2 stroke & turn judges                                                                                     shall be used with equal jurisdiction based on the architectural structure of the pool.

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  1. Head timer – on each line will be from the opposing team
  1. Timers – shall time the race and record the times in their ASSIGNED


  1. Scorekeeper – shall record times and total the points of

each team.

– Scoring for places is determined by the votes of the place judges. If the place judges disagree, the time will be the third vote. If there is still a tie, each team will be awarded the points for the place in question.

  1. Runners – shall relay the timers and place judge’s cards to the scoring table.
  1. Announcer – shall call for the swimmers for each event.


Section 6 – Duties of Coaches

  1. Maintain discipline among swimmers.
  1. Insure that deck and team areas are free from debris.
  1. Check scoring of the meet to insure correct point total.
  1. Present protests (if any) arising from the competition itself verbally to the

starter/referee and all involved coaches within thirty (30) minutes after the

race in which the infraction occurred with the exception of events forty-one                                        (41) through fifty (50). Protests must be submitted within 24 hours of the

meet to the President in WRITING. In case of the unavailability of the

President, the protest is to be sent to the Vice President with copies to the                                          opposing team coaches and representatives. All protests must be hand –

delivered to the coaches and mailed to the representatives.

  1. Home team coach must forward copies of the meet results to all of the respective

pools and League President within twenty-four (24) hours of every meet.

(amended 6/11/03)

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The league shall make the following awards:

  1. “A” and “B” championship awards at the discretion of the league.
  1. LSL Championship Trophy – to be awarded to the team with the best record during the swim season. If there is a tie for first place, both teams shall receive a trophy. (amended 5/31/05)
  1. A LSL Championship Record Plaque will be awarded to all swimmers who set championship meet records. (amended 5/31/05)


Section 1 – The following rules shall apply to all teams competing in the Liberty Swim League:

  1. Team practice shall not start before the third Monday in June.

Section 2 – Admission of new teams to the league:

  1. New teams shall be permitted on a one (1) year probation by majority vote.
  1. Upon this probation, the team will be admitted to full membership by majority


  1. All probationary teams will be entitled to all rights, privileges – including rights

to enter and place in championships, and will be charged respective fees during

their probation period.