League Swimming – 2021

Liberty League Swimming will return for the 2021 Summer swim season!!

Meets will take place on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings with the first meets held on Wednesday, June 30th. The season will run through Saturday, July 31st.

Meet Schedule

Please check with your pool for team specific practice information.

Potential impacts of COVID on the 2021 Season

Capacity and masking requirements may remain in effect in some municipalities.

Masks – Other than while swimming, masks are recommended and encouraged for swimmers and visitors who are not vaccinated except where required by an individual municipality or pool.

Due to potential capacity limitations, some meets will be split by age group. Coaches will make you aware of the specific details where this is required.

Warm-ups will be limited to 10 swimmers per lane.

Stroke and Turn

We will not hold an in-person stroke and turn discussion for 2021. Please use the following resources for a self certification or refresher.

USA Swimming Official’s Briefing (Concise resource)

USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Playlist (YouTube)

USA Swimming Rulebook

USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Clinic PowerPoint

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